The Exchange

I have been back in San Francisco for 7 months. I stumbled upon this video of The Exchange and wanted to share it here. I mentioned The Exchange in a previous post but basically it is a Salvation Army-esque thrift store, but instead of a set price on goods, you pay what you can. So incredibly smart!  Here is the story of The Exchange. I love that the founder says that their mission is education. He also says, “I love to make chaos out of order.” There’s a thought for you to chew on. 😉 He refers to the basis of The Exchange as ART:  Appropriate Recycling Technology. The idea is being able to use things in a certain time, place, and which are appropriate. I have seen many Exchange-finds be used in new and innovative ways. Oh, Orcas Island. ❤


One Response to “The Exchange”

  1. hi! enjoying reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pics. i’m currently inhabiting the space between SF and portland but am looking to get up to orcas island to complete a season on a farm there and be with friends. i’m wondering if you have the contact information for orcas farm or any other suggestions of farms to check out on island? you can reach me at kellyschirmann [at] gmail. much appreciated! hope this finds you well, thanks again!

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